Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council

UNC’s grassroots Sustainability Council draws expertise, voices and vision from all campus sectors and is dedicated to creating a sustainable culture and facilities.

The council identifies and creates opportunities for the campus community to learn about sustainability and to research, explore and adopt new sustainable practices as a university or in partnerships with the community. At the same time, the council helps educate and inform the UNC community and stakeholders about current activities related to and the status of UNC’s sustainable practices.

The UNC Sustainability Council has identified six primary goals:

•Provide a physical environment that supports the University programmatic role and mission.

•Provide physical character that symbolizes the University's presence, quality of education and role in the community.

•Maintain the health, safety and well being of all University patrons.

•Provide a physical environment that encourages a sense of community between the faculty, staff and students.

•Create a collegiate atmosphere, with a park-like setting, to foster community among patrons.

•Develop an environmentally sensitive physical campus.

Contact Information

Kirk Leichliter


Phone: (970) 351-2446