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What’s Happening

Chavez Power Patrol

06/04/14 Chavez Elementary

Chavez Power Patrol held its last meeting for the year! We celebrated the group’s work and efforts this year encouraging our school community to save energy and recycle!

We Pledge

06/03/14 Lapham Elementary

The Power Patrol complete their classroom visits to confirm pledges for Lapham and are happy to announce that we exceeded our goal with 99.9 of all students and adults in our building taking the pledge in grades EC-2nd.


06/03/14 Lapham Elementary

In addition to the Waste Free Wednesdays in April to coincide with Earth Day we began collecting all fruit and vegetable scraps to feed the pigs at Sugar River Farm(our school garden cannot handle that amount of food scraps!).

Garden Build Out

06/03/14 Lapham Elementary

Very much connected to our composting efforts at Lapham is our Outdoor School Classroom and Community Garden. We had a "build out" on June 1st with 50 community volunteers! Check out the PTG Green Team Facebook page for details on that and upcoming events in the garden.

Pledges Taken

06/03/14 Orchard Ridge Elementary

Students promised to continue helping the Earth with good decisions about materials use and energy use all summer.

Waste Patrol

06/03/14 Lapham Elementary

Our Power Patrol team of two students in 2nd grade who not only took the initiative to actively engage in leading our school as energy conservation monitors also challenged themselves and others to help keep our school playground clean. They use part of their recess time to clean up and other students have joined in their efforts.

Trash Audit

05/30/14 Muir Elementary

So... our data from our trash audit was interesting. The first week we had a total of 2 lbs of trash and 6/10 lbs of recycling. This week we had 2 2/10 lbs of trash and 1/10 lbs of recycling. This was a good lesson about data: we need a larger sample.

The Second Annual Great Bird-a-Thon is On!

05/28/14 Lincoln Elementary

Today, Lincoln students are busy watching birds. We are participating in the National Audubon Bird-a-Thon to raise awareness about and money for our fine feathered friends, who have such a very important place in our ecosystem. Photos to follow,,,

Trash Audit

05/28/14 Muir Elementary

We started a small scale trash audit last week. Three second grade classrooms weighed trash and recycling. We’ll let you know this week how much we reduced our waste.

Power Patrol Meeting

05/28/14 Thoreau Elementary

Today we looked over the audits we’ve conducted and decided the school has earned a dance party! We will be playing a song over the loud speaker at release time. We still have to get permission from Principal Costello and finalize our song selection - but we think the whole school will love it!