McKinstry's powerED program combines energy awareness and operational strategies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote environmentally friendly facility operations. It encourages active participation from staff, careful tracking of resources, and attention to optimized operations. Our goal is to work with you to drive new behaviors that save energy and money.

Built on the philosophy that to have the most efficient buildings, you need informed and committed occupants and operators, powerED uses three program modules outlined below.


Inspire building occupants to adopt habits that support energy efficiency.

The powerED program engages building occupants to actively contribute to your goals of eliminating waste and reducing energy use. McKinstry works with your stakeholders to deploy our awareness campaign, People.Power.Planet, to inspire participants to take action through challenges, competitions, activities, and targeted messaging. Our interactive web platform,, makes it easy to adopt new habits and drive energy savings in your buildings.


Identify and implement operational and maintenance strategies to reduce energy use.

The second piece of the powerED program identifies low- and no-cost operational and maintenance strategies in your facilities. A McKinstry technical expert works with your building operators to understand the dynamics of your facilities and recommend changes to improve operational efficiency. We also provide training for your staff as needed. Ongoing site assessments, building analytics data, utility bill results, and operator collaboration help you drive deeper and more sustainable utility savings.


Track, measure, analyze, and quantify savings.

The powerED performance module tracks and reports energy use. ENERGY STAR® benchmarking, utility bill tracking, and measurement and quantification of your efforts helps target additional savings opportunities, keeps you informed of progress, and identifies trends. An online dashboard displays utility bill metrics, performance results, and detailed monthly energy and carbon savings by facility to demonstrate the effectiveness of on-site initiatives.

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