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People.Power.Planet challenges people to take action and reduce their energy use to better the planet. It fuels the most important element of energy savings and sustainability: People. See firsthand how your actions, and the actions of others, can help to reduce energy use and our environmental footprint by clicking on your building.

Program-wide Impact
Cities, counties, and other public buildings across the country are engaging in the People.Power.Planet challenge. Check out their progress here.
Energy Savings
million kBtu saved
in participating facilities
Cost Avoidance
million dollars avoided
by program participants
Carbon Savings
tons of carbon saved
to reduce pollution
Total Pledges
people pledged
to cut energy and waste
Featured Program

See how schools are participating in the People.Power.Planet challenge!

Maple Valley, WA
We are excited to be sharing our extra food buckets with TJH and making...
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